What’s kind, loving, and good with kids? Marie Bednarski, and her new furry friend Milo the bunny. Milo visited Bednarski’s

Since September of 2018, Lake Shore has taken subbing to a whole new level. Rather than having the substitutes come

Addiction is a strong word, but it accurately describes the dysfunctional behavior exhibited by teenagers in high school classes when

Everyone who has social media knows the classic meme that comes around this time of year that says, “Is your

Everyone knows about cuffing season. When the holiday season comes around, couples start cropping up everywhere. But what happens when

Have you ever needed to go to the bathroom during class, but the person out before you took forever? Bathroom

In wake of the SAT’s, Lake Shore has announced that they are doing something completely different for the seniors this

There’s many things at Lake Shore High School that are great. Lake Shore has some of the best teachers and

When an abusive relationship is spoken about in society, people would safely assume it happens to adults. But what doesn’t

An unfortunate and nasty habit a colossal amount of students have picked up around Lake Shore is vaping. According to a

The brightest and best of Lake Shore, but can even our best and brightest make it in? Lake Shore’s NHS

Couples, especially around Lake Shore, seem to not be able to control themselves. Whether it’s Public displays of affection, posting