Co-written By Anthony Marsiglio Cons Vanden Dombrowski Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, but everyone has their own definition of when

  Lake Shore has a lot events put on by the U.S Military, such as gym workouts, recruiters during lunch, trailers

A confidential way to report threats to student safety and school personnel. The information collected will ensure that people have

Refreshing for likes, scrolling through your feeds, opening snaps, clicking stories, but have you ever stopped to ponder how social

Early College of Macomb is a program where a student takes high school as well as college courses simultaneously. Various

In every school, there’s always girls or boys who can’t eat the same food as everyone else. If they did,

Countless talk has surrounded the new substitute policy at Lake Shore, majorly filled with negative complaints. Crowding multiple classes into

As spirit week comes to a close there’s always those who don’t participate in anything, because the pride is “forced”

Lake Shore High School: chaotic, cacophonous, not to forget crowded with couples. With every turn of head, an inappropriate display

Have you ever looked at a tall person and thought “man I wish I had that life?” Well I'm going

When the Lake Shore journalism classroom was asked, “what is one thing you would change about Lake Shore?” A good

Lake Shore has recently run into an epidemic of students wearing the confederate flag on clothes. Now some may argue