Lake Shore, it's the moment everyone has been waiting for, the cast list for the Mary Poppins Musical is here.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every year Lake Shore has one student who has the most school pride. There is even an award for the

As you are walking down Lake Shore High School’s hallway, you’ll pass many classrooms filled with teachers who have been

It’s Friday night and Lake Shore Shorian’s Varsity Football team is under the stadium lights. One look at Lake Shore’s

Contributing Writer - Angela Maslanka Deep breath in and out, the lights shining down on the football field, and, before you

From high school, to volunteering, athletics, and a job, Janelle Reiff is one busy girl. Whether she is attending a

Lake Shore has a new police officer at the school. Her name is Jessica Drulia and she is ready to

Lake Shore High School has had its fair share of teachers, coaches, and administrators that are bald. Coach Popp, John

Nick DeNault, an algebra teacher at Lake Shore, may look like a normal teacher at school, does exciting things outside

The breeze picking up and setting down leaves, the clank of buckets filled with feed for the animals, the combined

Among the many faces to close in the year at this Junes graduation is artist and Senior Lexie Vaughn. Vaughns interest

If you were to roam the halls of Lake Shore High School, you would see your favorite and possibly least

Sitting in a chair with perfect posture and holding her flute proudly against her lips, Peyton Krolewski positions her fingers

Spring Break is coming up quick, and many Lake Shore students in German class will be spending it in Germany!

Mathematics, technology, and academics. This is what students from Macomb's Math, Science, and Technology Center (MMSTC) specialize in. A number

It’s unspoken that to choose a path in teaching is to choose a path exacting. The daily life of an educator

Some people dream of having a twin to be with, others live their whole lives having that person with them.

Senioritis, a fake disease used to describe a senior in high school who has mentally already graduated or mentally checked

Lake Shore High School is home to many students including special needs students. Colleen Johnston and her students reveal what

The class of 2018 is known for its lack of participation. For the past four years, students from that class