Mathematics, technology, and academics. This is what students from Macomb's Math, Science, and Technology Center (MMSTC) specialize in. A number

Leslie Houston has been sitting behind the front desk since the 80’s, but there’s more to her than the lady

It’s unspoken that to choose a path in teaching is to choose a path exacting. The daily life of an educator

Some people dream of having a twin to be with, others live their whole lives having that person with them.

Senioritis, a fake disease used to describe a senior in high school who has mentally already graduated or mentally checked

Lake Shore High School is home to many students including special needs students. Colleen Johnston and her students reveal what

The class of 2018 is known for its lack of participation. For the past four years, students from that class

Elementary School was a crazy time for kids at Lake Shore. The wild trends swept through the halls of

In Lake Shore High School, Students and staff are able to use the bank Michigan First Credit Union. In Michigan

Looking back at the top trends over the past few years, it’s pretty amazing to see what crazy things people

Lake Shore’s Senior Leadership Class brings students a unique opportunity to not only interact with, but help those within their