Most of the students at Lake Shore are counting the days, hours, and even minutes until they finish another year at high school. There will be no more algebra or geometry for another 3 months. No more final tests every

Students at Lake Shore High School have not stopped talking about a new drama show on Netflix called, All American. This show was released on Netflix in January of 2019.   April Blair is the creator of All American. The show

At last, the long awaited Endgame is finally here. Grossing nearly 1.2 billion dollars in its opening weekend, it truly did live up to its expectations. I shouldn’t even have to bring this up because it’s expected, but the acting was

“I got rich way too fast,” says Kevin Abstract on the opening track “Big Wheels”. Yet if you were to ask, most people wouldn’t know who Kevin Abstract is, despite signing a 15 million dollar deal with RCA and having

Lake Shore’s prom is coming up and the students in attendance always have eye-catching fashion. Whether it comes to past proms or ones coming up, new styles and trends are being created. Dress shopping can be very stressful, and finding

On April 5, 2019 Stephen King’s book Pet Sematary hit the screen in theaters for a second time. The movie has already been a huge hit, bringing in between $20-30 million dollars its opening weekend, and now has currently made

Lake Shore’s students are always dressed to the nines. The hottest fashion trends this year are sitting right across from you in your English class. Here’s what Lake Shore’s most fashionable students are going to be wearing this season. Try

A thunderbolt projected on the curtain, the lights dimmed and the crack of thunder and lightning broke the silence. The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical, began on February 27th, at the Fisher Theater. The high-energy production had an industrial yet

The movie everyone loved as a kid is finally being made into a live action motion picture. Aladdin is coming to theatres May 24, 2019. Aladdin, the Genie, and everyone in between, take on all of the obstacles, but now

The Lake Shore Drama Club is taking on their second production of the year; however, this time, they are giving it a twist. The drama club have put on many productions including, Ashland Falls, The Crucible, Clue: ON Stage, and