Bundle up everyone, winter is upon us! Despite the bitterly cold temperatures, dressing fashionable does not have to go into hibernation. Below are some fashion staples for the frosty season to make you look icy fresh.   Jackets While wearing

The Grinch is a green fellow who hates Christmas, but we all know that, thanks to Jim Carrey. However, there is a new grouch in town. Benedict Cumberbatch; the voice of the new animated Grinch. The movie is rated PG

In a small town, four juniors in high school always meet at Pops, the local diner in town. The darkness of the town starts to hit the four teens. The running conflict in each season is that someone always dies.

On November 2, 2018, Bohemian Rhapsody, the official movie of Queen and Freddie Mercury came out. The title stems from Queen’s most well known songs.   Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen. He one of the best singers of his

Netflix has once again tried to remain on top with their new series, Haunting Of Hill House. This show embodies troubling paranormal activity at every turn and casts supernatural beings into the light. The main focus of the show is

Co-written by Irene Spano The fireplace is crackling the smell of pine and cookies waft through the air, you're settling down in a giant fluffy blanket , the snow is falling outside of the window and Hallmark movies play on the

Everyone's favorite teenage witch has returned to TV. However, a more sinister twist is involved. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina puts a spell on the audience, compelling them not to look away from the screen. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina follows

Whether you are old or young, big or small, Halloween is for all. Which includes Halloween/Horror  movies. Most teenagers now use Netflix as the most reliable movie and TV streaming source. These are the top 5 movies to watch and

If you do not know what to watch and you are in your teens, or you are a young adult and you also want to watch the shows on Netflix then here are five show that you might want to

In this day and age there is many many ways to listen to music and it makes it easier to listen and discover new music, but it also allows a lot to slip through the crack and become unnoticed. Many