Thinking Caps: Feelings on Graduation Day

June 1st is quickly approaching, and with it comes a day that students have looked forward to their entire lives. Graduation Day for the Lake Shore High School Class of 2019 can’t come soon enough, with seniors having only days left until they will become alumni. This day comes with many mixed emotions from the students; the emotional goodbyes, the joy of holding a diploma, and the graduation parties filled with loving friends and family reminiscing about their first days of school.

In a recent twitter poll of 68 Lake Shore Seniors, 56% who answered said they feel excited. The second highest option, rushed, came in at only 19%.

“I’m excited for the graduation ceremony because I’ll get to see the friends I’ve been with for the past four years graduating alongside me.” says Douglas Busam. Busam plans to go on to Northern Michigan University or Michigan Technological University to major in Computer Engineering.

Senior Michael Paras is also excited, but for another reason.

“I just want it over with,” says Paras. “I’m not big into fancy things and pictures.”

Paras says he will miss high school the most as he goes on to make our country proud as a newly enlisted member of the US Navy.

Personally, high school graduation will be a huge milestone and a great accomplishment. I myself, like many other seniors, will go on to be a first generation college graduate. It marks, in a way, the end of our childhoods and the beginning of our new lives. Only time will tell how ready we truly are for the “real world”.