Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6th-May 10th is Teacher Appreciation Week and students all around Lake Shore pitched in to show their favorite teachers how much they respect and value them. This time, however, not only did the students get involved, but the staff members themselves came up with some fun ideas to acknowledge their co-workers and thank them for their hard work.

Over the course of the five days, kids from all grades went around putting notes on teachers doors or writing to them about what they mean to or have meant to them throughout the year. Teachers also received treats from administration for their efforts. This included lunches, candy handed out by the students, baked goods, and, of course, breakfast.

A couple teachers really stood out to specific students as well. Senior, Hannah Smigelski, and junior, Haley Pilka, expressed their appreciation for gym teacher Will Puvalowski.

“My favorite teacher is Coach Will because he always knows when I’m upset or if there’s something wrong,” Smigelski stated. She continues with, “I can talk to him about anything in my life and he gives the best advice. He’s one of the reasons I like going to school.”

Pilka concurs with Smigelski, saying, “Coach Will is such an outgoing and inspiring gym teacher. He helped me realize how much hard work and effort you have to put in sports to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.”

Junior Emma Knightstep also shared her opinion on Teacher Appreciation Week, and who her favorite teacher is. “I would have to say Mrs. Bednarski because she’s so nice and genuinely cares about her students. She always notices when I’m absent and asks how I’m doing when I come back.”

There is a lot of love at Lake Shore for our teachers and staff members. And whether it’s Teacher Appreciation Week or not, make sure you take some time to thank your favorite teacher for all they have done for you.