Smart Students Receiving Scholarships

As the school year comes to an end for Lake Shore seniors and college is approaching fast, many Lake Shore High School seniors have been applying for scholarships. Danylle Showiak and Katie Steeves are just two of the many seniors that have received scholarships so far.

Showiak received the scholarship for the MHSBCA Scholarship Michigan High School Bowling Coaches Association. Requirements were that she had to compete during the bowling season, a graduating senior, a grade point average of 3.65 or higher, two letters of recommendation, and write a list of community service or other school activities. Showiak also had to follow an essay prompt stating, “What high school bowling has meant to me during my high school years.”

Showiak states, “My scholarship was five hundred dollars and I was super happy when I got it. I cried because I finally got something for bowling on my own. Also I was the only girl picked from division 1.” She jokes, “I was surprised because I suck at essays.” Showiak’s scholarship is going to help pay for books and tuition at Macomb Community College.

Showiak found out she received the scholarship on the day of the banquet, May 5th. This expressed some concern for her as she stated, “They were supposed to let me know early but never contacted me so I didn’t go to the banquet.”

Steeves received a scholarship called the Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies. This scholarship is for full 4 year tuition and housing for college. This covers all of Steeves’ college expenses except for basic things such as housing fees and food.

Steeves mentions, “The requirements were that you had to caddy for a certain amount of time, have a good volunteer record, good grades, and a family record of financial need. You also had to go through an interview process.”

Steeves states, “My family and I were completely ecstatic when I got the scholarship. I found out while practicing for the musical. We stopped practice and I opened the envelope. I feel so proud and it is such a great accomplishment.”

These incredible shorians are just a few of many who received, and are going to receive scholarships. To support the shorians who have received scholarships or awards, honors night will be May 30th at Lake Shore High School in the auditorium. Go out and show your support.