Girls of Lacrosse

Sports are one of the great American pastimes, but the reality is that they have encouraged a very distinct separation between guys and girls, especially at the high school level. The idea of sports has always had a masculine viewpoint. It has been seen as unladylike for women to participate in certain sports, let alone those that are primarily male dominated.

It used to be the ultimate insult to tell an athlete that they play like a girl. Yet, time and again we see female athletes who rise above these stereotypes, such as the four female lacrosse players we have here at Lake Shore. Juniors Katie Jablynski, Hanna Hensley, Isabella Lalios, and Samantha Talanges all go against societal norms while still proving to be valuable athletes.

For those who might wonder what it’s like being a girl on a male dominated team, take it from some of the players themselves.

As Lalios said, “It can be frustrating sometimes because of the way guys may look at is and maybe think we can’t handle it. A positive side though is that it’s something different and something you don’t see often and coaches often say something and are really supportive.”

Jablynski on the other hand, said, “It’s a fun challenge. It’s something I’ve never done before and I wanted a change and to try something new.” She continued on to say, “There has always been the stigma that guys are better than girls at sports.” One of her main goals is to break that barrier. As for how the girls of lacrosse are treated, Jablynski also stated, “The guys treat us great. We’re a family and it doesn’t matter what our gender is, we are accepted the same.”

Lake Shore is proud to have these four, and to make history being the first ever lacrosse team. With each new day comes new progress, and we wish the best for our lacrosse team and the girls representing it.