Choir Brings Home Silver From Florida

Members of Lake Shore High School’s choir programs recently traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in the World Strides On Stage Competition. All three choirs (Concert Choir, Women’s Chamber Choir, and Fusion) took home Silver in their respective categories while also participating in some Florida fun!

Lake Shore’s 2019 Teacher of the Year and Choir Director, Matthew Smith, was very pleased by how the group did.

“I am so proud of all the students that went to Orlando to compete this weekend!” Smith posted on Twitter. He continued, “You performed at the top of your game and I couldn’t be happier!”

During the competition, Women’s Chamber Choir gave a world-premiere performance of a song composed for them by Smith’s student teacher, David Adragna. Adragna has now completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Musical Education from Oakland University where he studied conducting director Dr. Michael Mitchell. The piece, “In Finem Canticum”, is written in Latin, and provided a beautiful addition to their set.

“We’ve been working on it [“In Finem Canticum”] all year, and he [Adragna] has helped me grow a lot as a musician,” says senior Autumn Corsini. Corsini was one of a select few of students who participated and competed in all three groups that went on the trip. She continued, “I’m proud of that piece, and proud of him for everything he’s done.”

After competing, the choir students had two fun-filled days in Orlando. Their outings included visiting the Kennedy Space Center as well as spending time in Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure, and the Universal Citywalk. The choirs had the opportunity to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoy a performance by the Blue Man Group.

“The trip honestly was the best week of my life!” said freshman Madison Petroff. This being her first trip ever with the choir program at Lake Shore, Petroff was enthralled with everything that took place. Petroff said, “I spent it [the trip] with amazing people and had so many amazing opportunities!”

For the seniors, the trip was bittersweet, and brought back so many good memories from previous competitions.  

“My favorite memory was Chamber winning in Nashville,” says Corsini, “It was so surreal, and it was only my first year in it, so that was amazing.”

It’s incredibly clear just how big of an impact these exciting and educational trips are for the students. As Petroff states, “The choir program is truly a blessing in my life. I have met my best friends through the program, and the relationships you make are ones that will last a lifetime. We all connect through music, and we are all so passionate about everything we are singing. Along with having the most amazing relationships, we learn so much about music.”

We can’t wait to see where our wonderful singers let the music take them next, and hopefully bring some more trophies back as the years go by.