Lake Shore Seniors Ending Their Year With “Senior Spirit Week”

With senior year coming to an end,  Donna Bates, senior class advisor at Lake Shore High School,  organized a Senior Spirit Week. Seniors are recommended to show participation for these days to end their last month making good memories with their peers.

The days include Monday, May 20th, Shorian Pride Day; Tuesday, May 21st,College Day; and Wednesday, May 22nd, Dress to Impress. The days are based around all of Lake Shore Shorians seniors becoming adults.

“Around five years ago I’d say, is when seniors came to me with the idea of a Senior Spirit Week,” says Bates. From there, she has keep the spirit days the same. “All the seniors really enjoy dress to impress day,” She said.  

Seniors will dress up in fancy attire on their last day of school, leaving Lake Shore High School as young adults. Senior Spirit Week is not like any normal spirit week, seeing it’s specifically geared toward the class 2019. “It’s their day to shine,” said Bates.

It is also exam day, so there are many big events happening in a short amount of time.

Seniors, are you ready? Exams, prom, graduation, and the overnight party are quickly approaching!