Promposals at Lake Shore

Promposals. The phenomenon in which teens ask each other to prom in increasingly elaborate and creative ways.

While prom is a great excuse to dress up, party with friends, and mark the passage of another school year, the annual rite of passage also carries a lot of pressure to look perfect, arrive in style, and have the ideal date on your arm. Promposals can add to the pressure, becoming almost as important as prom itself and raising expectations for young men and women. Especially when they get posted on social media for all to see.

Most promposals can be thoughtful, charming, or downright heartwarming, teaching teens to take healthy risks. Some Lake Shore students have been pulling off promposals in style, such as senior Steven Mittelstadt, who asked junior Allie Federlein to prom.

Mittelstadt’s promposal was well planned out and involved help from a lot of other people. As he said, “After one of my track meets I had some of my friends hold up letters spelling ‘prom’ and had a track baton saying ‘prom’ and some flowers.” According to Mittelstadt, the best part about the promposal experience was, “Definitely her reaction. She had no idea, and she hates the attention, so it was priceless!”

As for Federlein, she said, “I was completely surprised but filled with happiness at the same time!” She was excited to see everyone involved and thought it was cute how much time was spent towards making the perfect promposal.

As promposals have become more elaborate and public, the potential for increased humiliation and social pressure has as well. Many say that some promposals are a little too overboard. As Federlain stated, “There probably are proposals that are overboard but I think it all depends on the two people. Some people like a lot of attention, but not all people do. Whatever makes those two happy is really what matters.”

In all, promposals are a fun way to kickstart all the good times that come along with going to prom. The pressure is on, but for people like Mittelstadt, the perfect way to ask came easy.

Here’s to all the fun this prom season!