Lake Shore Water Wars

Drop your socks and grab your Crocs Shorians; Lake Shore is in the middle of a water war! 16 teams of four are going head to head this spring, using water balloons, squirt guns, and anything else they can find to eliminate their rival team members.

This student ran water war is making waves at Lake Shore, with new videos posted daily on the official twitter: @lswaterwars.

The rules are simple: eliminate other team members by hitting them with water. Don’t worry bystanders, school property, work places, and churches are all strictly off limits. The teams have been put into brackets to determine who they’ll be up against. These teams will then compete against each other in the first round. In order to be credited with a kill, a video of the kill must be sent in to the water wars twitter, featuring both the person eliminated, and the person responsible. Teams will eventually be eliminated until the final two teams go head to head to crown the Lake Shore Water Wars champions.

The competition has had an intense start, with new kills being posted daily. Junior, Madeline Davis, representing team “Running Through the 586 With my Hose,” said, “It’s a lot of fun! I really wanna win!” She went on to say, “the game brings us together, and teaches us about teamwork and good sportsmanship.” Besides being a good learning opportunity for Shorians, the game is already a student favorite, bringing friends closer together, and presenting the opportunity to meet new friends.

Rival team member, Courtney Huber of team “Amigas”, said, “Water Wars is a super fun activity for upperclassmen! The thrill of making to to the second round was awesome!” Huber and her other team members are ecstatic to make it further in the competition.

Huber said that she “can’t wait to see if my team makes it to the next round!” The Amigas, set to compete in the next round, are not the only team ready to fight their way to the top. The competition is heating up between the upperclassmen, as they start the next match revitalized and ready to go.

The competition is starting intense rivalries between opposing teams. Participating Shorians spend their days looking over their shoulders to try and stay dry. The competition still has several weeks left, and each team is battling everything they have to win the top spot. The almost two hundred dollars in prize money for the winning team drives the players to succeed, as they go head to head with rival teams.

While the competition is still working through its first time kinks and issues, both the organizers and the team members are excited to play.