Summer Body Myth Debunked

Everyone who has social media knows the classic meme that comes around this time of year that says, “Is your summer body ready?” And most people will say no because of their imperfections, but what is this meme really referring to?

When you think of a perfect summer-ready model, what do you picture? A skinny woman in a bikini? Or maybe a man with abs? How about a heavy woman in a one piece? No? And why not? It’s simple; society makes a beach bod an unrealistic dream that, most times, is unachievable.

Society likes to outcast those who have a heavier set body type. Let me explain. A woman with rolls, belly fat, and cellulite, would be consider to be a plus size woman and also not ready for summer. As people, we think that the perfect summer body is skinny, long legs, and tan. But why can’t a summer body be a man with a bigger build and stomach rolls?

Why does this meme surface every year? Simply because we all want to be accepted in every single way, especially when it comes to looks. We don’t want to stand out. So, we all try to conform to society’s standards tell us.

As a body positivity activist, and fellow plus size woman, I think the memes are unnecessary and teach younger ones that fashion has to fit around what size you are. That is not the case. Fashion is for the eye, and if I chose to wear shorts and a crop top, then so be it. I do not need a certain body to do so. Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, and not stress about what people are going to think when you go to the beach.