Julia Munger: Lake Shore’s Superstar

Who would you see at a football game, a school play, and a swim meet, all in the same year? That’s right, Julia Munger, a senior at Lake Shore who is as some like to call, a triple threat. Munger acts in the drama club, swims for the varsity girls swim team, and plays in the Lake Shore high school band, a truly busy student.

Munger is a Lake Shore superstar. She tackles just about everything with her constant participation and patience. She maintains a 3.994 GPA, while being actively apart of many of Lake Shore’s extracurricular activities, as well as currently working at Life Time Fitness.

Munger has been in every play since her freshman year, and has been swimming for seven years, four of which have been for the Lake Shore Girls Swim Team. Munger has broken 2 records at Lake Shore and explains, “One I hold on my own which is the 100 butterfly (1:00.47). I have held that record since my Sophomore year and have rebroken it countless times. The other one that I hold, I hold with my relay team. Jessica Baijis (Class of ‘18), Elizabeth Gotto (Class of ‘18), and Lorin Miley (Class of ‘16). It is the 200 Freestyle Relay record.”

With Munger’s 3.994 GPA, she will be graduating with a Sume Cume Laude, one of the highest cords you can receive when you graduate. She has also been on honor roll “since elementary school,” by constantly keeping up with her work in all her classes. Munger will be going to basic training over the summer, and then proceeding to AIT where she will learn everything she needs to know about her job. Munger says, “This August I will be leaving for Air Force basic training. My job is still up in the air, but I hope to go to school for Air Traffic, Operations Intelligence, or Knowledge Management.”

Munger did graduate early this year and is currently spending her time working as a lifeguard for Life Time Fitness. She is also planning a wedding with her finance, Jonathan Puma, a Lake Shore alumni. She is planning to have her wedding in July, and couldn’t be happier. Once Munger graduates from AIT and is stationed, her now finance, will go with her and stay on base with her. She said, “My future dream is to travel the world with Jonathan and eventually settle down.” You are never too young to know what you want, and at 18, Munger knows exactly what she wants out of life.

Munger goes on to explain how she managed so much for just one person. She said, “Honestly, looking back at it all, I have no idea how I did it. I believe motivation and my friends and family helped me through a lot.  My goal my freshman year was to be a part of everything I wanted to. As time went on, I was determined to finish what I started, and so I did. With the help of all my coaches, friends, and Jonathan, I did it. I was determined to make my mark at Lake Shore.” And make her mark she did. Her record, and her impact on Lake Shore will stay with the students and teachers for years to come.

Although Munger is growing up, she will miss things about Lake Shore. Munger reflects, “I think the thing I will miss most about high school is the people. I will miss seeing my favorite teachers: Coach Couck, Mr. Akerley, and Mr. West. I will miss seeing people like Mary Nelson and Allie Malloy every day. I know I will miss swimming, marching band, amd performing on stage, but I think I am ready to start this new chapter in my life.”