Pet Sematary Review

On April 5, 2019 Stephen King’s book Pet Sematary hit the screen in theaters for a second time. The movie has already been a huge hit, bringing in between $20-30 million dollars its opening weekend, and now has currently made over 50 million dollars worldwide, while holding a 6.2/10 rating and 58% on rotten tomatoes review, meaning the overall film isn’t too good.

The story is about a family of four who moves to a rural home to escape their busy lives from the city. However, within a matter of hours they come upon a part of the woods that is different than the rest, a place where everyone buries their pets when they pass away. But, when the family finds their cat dead and then later sees it come back to life, they realize that something about the place is not normal.

Although the horror film seems to be a hit on the rise, there were some down sides to the movie. Jump scares throughout came often, but seemed more predictable than most thrillers would have for an R rated film. The new version also hasn’t made as much yet as the 1989 film, and the ratings are not much higher than the original either. In 1989, the rotten tomatoes was a 50%, and 2019 is currently only a little better with an 8% increase. The ratings out of 10 are even lower, as the older version has a 6.6/10.

Other ratings coming from critics and audience members are also coming in as a little negative. The actors performances have been called, “a little cheesy…the scares are easy,” according to one review on the rotten tomatoes website. More people have called it “not so scary” and, “overpromises and underdelivers.”

However, there are some good aspects of the movie. It is more realistic than the first one, as critics and audience members say, and the story line wasn’t changed much.

Personally, I believe the movie wasn’t as well done as they were making it sound. The scenery didn’t hardly ever change, and there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary scenes. For example, many flashbacks that weren’t needed to carry on the storyline. There were a few scary and creepy moments, but not as many as I was hoping for. I think the trailer hyped up the movie a lot more than it is actually worth.

Overall, the new Pet Sematary does not seem to deliver to up to its expectations and hopes that most horror movie lovers were looking for.