Lake Shore’s Golf Team In Full Swing

The Lake Shore High School golf team recently played there very first game of the season against the Stevenson golf team. Even through the windy and cold weather, the golf team’s hard work still pushed through and hopes to continue moving forward. The Lake Shore golf team continues to leave a lasting impact on student’s lives. This is especially true for Rebecca Dick, junior, and current member of the Lake Shore golf team and the only female student on the golf team.

Golf is not only about competing to win, but also about self-improvements. “I think that golf is a sport that really helps someone focus on themselves and helps them improve on their own game,” Dick states. She continues, “When you are playing against other people, for me it is about beating my previous score and developing as a player.”

For many people, golf is a sport that is not super stressful to be a part of like most other sports. Golf can actually be quite the opposite, enjoyable and relaxing. Dick elaborates on this idea, stating, “It’s a peaceful sport that can also help clear your mind.”

Golf has also left an impact on Dick’s heart that she will continue to remember. “I think that golf has impacted me in a positive way because it is a skill that I can continue on with for the rest of my life,” Dick states.

Many teens look down on golf compared to other sports or teams, but it is clear that students on the golf team are just as impacted by golf as other students are to their own sports. Dick says, “I find that golf is a sport that can be looked down upon with teenagers, but I think that it is very enjoyable.”

Teens may think golf is not much of a sport because they believe it is just “hitting a ball with a stick,” but as shown by Dick, golf is so much more than that. Golf can help clear your mind, helps you focus on self-improvements, and is very enjoyable to many Lake Shore students.

If you are thinking of trying out for the golf team next year, you can talk to Chris Mazzola who is a teacher at Lake Shore and the coach of the golf team.