Wigs 4 Kids Hair Drive Success

Co-written by Katie Steeves

Senior Elizabeth Stacheit organized a school-wide Wigs 4 Kids hair drive at Lake Shore High School on March 21, 2019. Donors included 23 students and staff members who donated their hair to make wigs for local children suffering from various illnesses and conditions.

Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center and Salon is a local non-profit organization that provides wigs and support services at no charge to children and young adults experiencing hair loss. At an all-school assembly, students watched volunteers from James Edwards Salon and Paul Mitchell Salon cut the hair for donation to Wigs 4 Kids.

Stacheit was all smiles as her own locks were cut away. During her research, she discovered that it takes approximately 10-12 ponytails to make one wig.

“If I really wanna do something good,” Stacheit says, explaining her thought process, “I can get a bunch of people to donate their hair so we can make a bunch of wigs.” She also stated that she had been planning this event for the past fifteen months. Along with Stacheit, other notable donors included Lake Shore’s own English teacher Nicholas Gwozdz and Principal Janelle Bross.

N. Gwozdz described the experience donating his hair as being “truly rewarding,” and said “It helped broaden my perspective on one of the things I have taken for granted my whole life.”

“I actually had a haircut appointment set but I cancelled it and kept growing because I was so moved by what Liz was doing,” Bross explains. “We heard from Wigs 4 Kids and they will be able to make three wigs from our one event.”

The all-school assembly on Thursday began with comments from local Wigs 4 Kids CEO Maggie Varney. Varney congratulated Stacheit and the donors for their contributions, as well as explain more of what her organization aims to do: give confidence back to children through hair. After a short video presentation, senior Kara Wolfbauer shared her own personal experience with Wigs 4 Kids. Having suffered from hair loss due to alopecia as a child, Wolfbauer found comfort and bravery through a wig made especially for her. This wig gave her the confidence to go out and be a kid again, as well as help her begin to grow her natural hair back.

Stacheit organized and led this effort to give other people without hair the confidence to go on and life their life. As she said, “It makes you feel really good to give to back and make someone’s experience growing up a little bit more comfortable.” Stacheit told her story about getting involved with Wigs 4 Kids, and her journey beginning with just an idea all the way to the hair drive itself. According to Stacheit, “Wigs 4 Kids told us that most schools when they have their first hair drive only get about six or seven participants, and we had 23, which is really awesome.”

“Your hair will go to a child in Michigan…” says Stacheit, “Macomb County has a lot of people in need of hair donation and you’re giving back to the community working with Wigs 4 Kids.”

Lake Shore is proud of Stacheit, Wolfbauer, and all who participated in the hair drive, and hopes students are inspired to give back to the community with Lake Shore spirit. To  make a donation, get access to services, or learn more about how you can get involved, visit