Shorian Style

Lake Shore’s students are always dressed to the nines. The hottest fashion trends this year are sitting right across from you in your English class. Here’s what Lake Shore’s most fashionable students are going to be wearing this season. Try to keep up.

They’re not just for ladies anymore; scrunchies are popping up on the wrists and in the buns of some of the trendiest people in the halls this year. Scrunchies can be used for their basic purpose of keeping your hair tidy, but this season they’re stylish accessories, worn on wrists as well as on top of the head. Matching scrunchies can be worn to accent a color in your outfit of the day. Not a perfect match? Statement scrunchies can add a pop of color to an otherwise bland outfit.

As Lake Shore’s students yearn for summer and senioritis sets in, Shorians are starting to dress for the warmer weather. Neon colors are going to be huge this summer. Vibrant colors are already starting to crop up in the trendiest stores and malls. Students are starting summer off right wearing their most fluorescent yellows, pinks, oranges, and greens to class. Style this new fad as a statement. If you’re looking for a casual outfit, this look is not for you. For the student who wants to stand out this season, reach for a bright T-shirt or crew neck next time you go shopping.

Keeping with the summery theme, tie dye is already dominating Lake Shore’s halls. Always a popular choice, anyone looking for a relaxed fit should seriously invest in some tie dye. Get ready for compliments. Whether you buy from the store or make it yourself, these rainbow shirts go with everything. Dressed down with some comfy pants, or spruced up tucked into your favorite jeans, tie dye is as versatile as it is fashionable. Get together with some friends and transform an otherwise boring white T-shirt into a fresh look for the upcoming season.

Hop onto this new trend as fast as you can Shorians, this one’s here to stay. Wire frame glasses are just starting to make it on to the scene, and they’re a fast favorite. Whether you take advantage of your prescription, or trick people with some fake specs, these delicate lenses add some studious style to your daily outfit. Finding the right style of glasses for your facial shape is an art form. Experiment with different sizes and shapes until you find one that frames your features best. Get some inspiration. Lake Shore has already been hip to the wire frame wave. Shorians can scope out some fellow students to find something that really catches their eye.

Students at Lake Shore are no strangers to some serious fashion. The same trends that are starting to show up in stores have been seen in the halls for weeks. Next time you need to revitalize your wardrobe, take a look at some of your fellow Shorians before you shop.