SAT Testing

April is a time for warm weather, spring break, and having fun. However, for the juniors at Lake Shore High School, it is a time to study and take the test that will determine which colleges they can get in to. The SAT will be taking place on April 9th, 2019 around the nation.

Although it is a very stressful time of year, students have taken the SAT course to prepare for the test. Michelle Anderson, the writing teacher for the SAT class, said, “To prepare for the SAT, the classes have done a variety of things. We had them sign up for college board, they took practice tests, and have done Khan academy.”

Anderson went on to describe how they not only prepared for the standardized test, but also for college in the future. Anderson said, “While in SAT Prep, the students have signed up for Fastweb Scholarships: a website that lets you sign up for free to look at a list of scholarships you can apply for that you qualify for.”

However, according to the juniors, the test comes with some anxiety and stress. Multiple students have commented on how they feel they will do poorly on the test and stress out, causing them to get a bad score. The biggest issue: their level of confidence.

“I don’t think anyone feels confident going into the SAT,” Anderson stated. “This test determines their future and where they are able to go. It’s a lot of pressure on them, and we can’t do anything more to help them…it’s not that the students don’t know what to do, it’s how are they going to apply what they do know when going into the SAT that day.”

One of the most important things while going into the SAT is staying calm to ensure you can do your best. Anderson talked about the tips she has for the juniors, “First off, chill out. If you’re not calm you will make yourself even more nervous. Make sure you are well rested and healthy too. And keep practicing, but don’t amp yourself up on things like caffeine before going into the test, it’s not good for you.”

If you are feeling anxious about going into the SAT, don’t stress! You can find more helpful and useful tips at websites like:

Some of the best advice from these websites are:

  • Relax the night before a test
  • Rely on previous tips you have gotten through taking SAT prep
  • Read every answer and choice carefully
  • Check your answer sheet regularly
  • Answer the easy questions first