Lake Shore Lacrosse: Update

How often is it that you hear of a brand new team being brought to Lake Shore? With the start of the Spring sports season Lake Shore will be offering something completely new to their lineup. Lacrosse, the Native American sport ingrained in the Midwest’s history is now available for all students to play.

This is a big step for our athletics as we’re the only school in the St. Clair Shores area to have a lacrosse team (with the only other schools close to us having a team being Grosse Pointe North and South). Led by North Lake’s John Fowler, a completely new team is a giant step, especially for a sport that most schools do not have.

Along with being a Social Studies teacher at North Lake, Fowler was a Lacrosse coach at Grosse Pointe North, Troy, and De La Salle. He was inducted into the Michigan Coaches Hall of Fame due to his many years of service.

“We’ll have other assistant coaches depending on how many people come out,” Fowler explains. “But we won’t know exactly who they are until they’re hired.” Kevin Francis, Lake Shore English teacher, has assumed one of the assistant coaching positions.

A lacrosse team isn’t a new idea for Lake Shore either, as it’s been on the mind of Lake Shore officials for quite some time. Fowler said, “Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation; it is in every state and every school district around us has it.”

John Hartley, Lake Shores Athletic Director, also said, “It’s growing.. Plus it is another offering to our students, another opportunity to do something. You’ve gotta start sometime, why not now?”

As of right now, Lake Shore will only be having one lacrosse team between both the boys and girls. There will be a girls team in the future for sure, assures Fowler. He explained, “But for right now we’re gonna have one team, because we don’t know how many girls or boys are gonna come out,” says Fowler. “We envision the girls having their own team next year.” Hartley also confirmed the separation of the teams in years to come.

Lake Shore has also made it very clear that our team will not be playing in any tournaments this first year. “We don’t want to put our team, our kids, our school in a position of not having success,” says Hartley, “It’s not beneficial to us at this point.”

“I’m just looking forward to playing and hopefully not losing,” says Justin Young, junior, on what he’s looking forward to in the approaching season.

Junior, Liam Dombrowski, also said, “I’m looking forward to getting out there and scoring a goal, bro.”

Anthony Marsiglio, senior, shares the same enthusiasm, “I am excited to get cracka lackin’ on the field.”

This is a something completely new, so make sure to watch for Lake Shore history in the making.

Check out their next home game at 7:00 p.m. on April 16th against Cass Tech.




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Van Dombrowski is a senior at Lake Shore High School who has been writing for The Shoreline for the entirety of his senior year. His passion lies in music, which he hopes to be able to pursue a career in. Though unaware of exactly where he wants to go to college he continues to pursue, despite having no clue of what he's doing.