Vanish Vaping

An unfortunate and nasty habit a colossal amount of students have picked up around Lake Shore is vaping.

According to a Harvard study published February 1, 2019, “Millions of people use e-cigarettes, and a recent rise in use among school-aged children has alarmed public health experts…Scientific studies examining the potential health effects of e-cigarettes and their myriad chemical components have not kept pace with the rise in use.” Students across Lake Shore are at serious risk from all of the harmful chemicals in vapes. Do these students know, or even understand, that when they join the trend they are putting their future at risk by damaging their health?

Vaping can lead to substantial risks to student’s health. Kristy Kisskalt, health teacher, claims, “Nicotine affects brain development, which continues until the age of 25. Students could become addicted.” Since our prefrontal cortex doesn’t fully developed until years after graduation, underage students across Lake Shore are endangering further brain growth. She goes further into the dangers, “There are other behavior risks, such as alcohol use and other substance abuse, like marijuana.” While it seems as if vaping is cool and trendy now, vaping could potentially lead to students developing other substance addictions in the future.

Kisskalt explains her concerns, “Students believe it is safer than smoking actual cigarettes, there is availability of different flavors, and their friends or family members use them.”

I believe some students may be ignorant to the dangers. Yet, I feel like the majority of students know the dangers and just ignore them.

Along with the dangers, Kisskalt discusses the cause of this trend, “I believe it is a problem at our school. Peer pressure plays a huge role in vaping.” Students have been taught since elementary school to say no to peer pressure. Lake Shore students shouldn’t have to feel obligated to ruin their bodies just so they can feel like they fit in socially. At the end of the day, vaping isn’t going to make you any cooler.

What happened to the movement against cigarettes? Vaping has the same effect on our health. The majority of our generation is repeating the past, by blatantly destroying our lungs. Is vaping worth putting everything ahead of you at risk?