The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical Electrifies The Fisher

A thunderbolt projected on the curtain, the lights dimmed and the crack of thunder and lightning broke the silence. The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical, began on February 27th, at the Fisher Theater.

The high-energy production had an industrial yet ancient backdrop. The stage was set with pillars resembling architecture from ancient Greece, but also metal lofts and racks. The props, sticking with the industrial theme, were large carts resembling various methods of modern transportation, leaf blowers that shot out toilet paper to resemble flowing water, a luggage trolley representing an elevator to the underworld, and a wheelchair to represent the front of a tractor.

Percy Jackson was played by Chris McCarrell, Grover and Mr. D were played by Jorrel Javier, and Annabeth was played by Kristen Stokes. Each one of their voices were as powerful as their godly parents. McCarrell’s solos created a sense of awe from the audience due to the magic and power that filled his voice.

Fans of the movie will be thrilled to know that the stage performance stays true to the film. From the Minotaur attack on the way to Camp Half-Blood, to Percy Jackson’s meeting with the oracle, to Grover revealing he is a centaur to Percy, the stage performance resembles the film. The song and dance numbers were written perfectly for each scene, and its rock opera genre will interest those that grew up with the books and everyone in between.

The show ended with a number, “Bring on the Monsters,” that resonated with the audience and lead them to show their thanks for the superlative performance through a much-deserved standing ovation.