The Bald Heads Of Lake Shore

Lake Shore High School has had its fair share of teachers, coaches, and administrators that are bald. Coach Popp, John Hartley, Mr. Couck, and Mr. Ackerly are just to name a few. Many are curious as to why we have so many bald heads at our school. Why did they choose to be bald? Why are there so many of them? So many questions unanswered. It’s time to solve the mystery.

When the question of why there so many bald heads at Lake Shore appeared, there were a lot of different opinions.

Couck said, “Genetics. Those of us who are bald are so super smart and our brains work at such high speeds our hair just couldn’t handle the heat.”

Meanwhile, Hartley said, “Some of us are aging and if we grew it out, it would be patchy, grey, and not worth keeping!” Popp stated, “It is for convenience.”

Lastly, Akerly said, “A bald head is a sign of a distinguished gentleman. Also, as my mom used to say, ‘grass doesn’t grow on a busy street’… meaning, bald men are ‘thinkers.’”

Everyone had a similar opinion on the benefits of having a bald head. They don’t have to worry about how their hair looks and they can save a lot of money. Popp also mentions, “The kids at school have fun with teasing us. They remark about how shinny our heads are. It makes for a fun conversation and laughs.”

Couck told the love story, “The same reason I shaved it in the first place, for a girl. My then girlfriend told me to shave it to see what it would look like and she loved it so much I never let it grow back. That woman is now my wife and she hates when my hair gets even slightly long.”

While Popp said, “I am a person of routine and structure. It works for me.”

Hartley simply stated, “I like it better. I can’t imagine growing what hair I have left out ever again!”

Lastly, Akerley said, “I lost my hair… no decision… You have to rock with the instrument you are given.”

There are many reasons why Lake Shore has bald heads around the school. There is not just one solid reason. Some people like to save money, some think it’s easier, and some just like how it looks. Next time you look at another bald head at Lake Shore, you can remember the reasoning for their decision. The mystery is solved.