Lake Shore High School: chaotic, cacophonous, not to forget crowded with couples. With every turn of head, an inappropriate display of affection can be seen. Varying from making out by the lockers to groping in the cafeteria.

PDA, a subject everyone is familiar with. As the majority of people are disgusted with PDA, it continues to dominate over Lake Shore. No one wants to see you sitting on your significant others’ lap while you kiss. I merely would enjoy eating our food without feeling nauseous. Nevertheless PDA does not end there. Couples will revoltingly be tonguing near classroom doors, urging anyone to steer clear from the stomach-churning sight. Elizabeth Stecher, junior, commented,  “I think couples making out in the halls is unnecessary and it makes people uncomfortable. It’s something that shouldn’t be in school.”

On the note of couples swapping spit by classrooms, the teachers also have to witness the atrocious scene. It exceedingly crosses the line to subject your fellow classmates, teachers, as well as any poor victim to catch a glimpse of you and your honey acting gross. School is not a conventional environment to show highly inappropriate PDA. Nicholas Gwozdz spoke on the issue, “Though I understand that when young people experience these feelings for the first time it can be overwhelming, part of an individual’s social intelligence is to be able to tell what’s appropriate in a public setting and what is not.”

PDA should not be banned, however, some lines need to be drawn. Not all forms of PDA are off-putting, yet students need to recognize what is okay and what is not. Karli Bissell, senior, spoke, “PDA is whatever but don’t be those people. A quick kiss before class, sitting and talking, or a hug is okay, but don’t be sitting there staring into each other’s eyes. It reminds me of the vine where the guy goes, ‘Is this allowed?’ ” Instead of sticking tongues down each others throats, why not substitute it for a quick peck? By just having a swift kiss, couples can convey affection for one another without making people uneasy. Nobody wants to encounter you and your partner groping. Try to hug rather than grope one another, it creates a more comfortable environment for everyone. Ordinarily, hand holding is not an agitable form of PDA.  An exception to this is made when a couple obnoxiously extends their hand holding across the entire hall, making it impossible for other students to pass through. Please, stick close to your significant other while hand holding. People need to arrive to class on time.

Students of Lake Shore, I  ask you to start understanding what should be left at home and what should happen in school. No one wants to see you with your partner acting foolish. Attempt to portray your love in another way, for the sake of all things decent at Lake Shore.