Is School Spirit Forced?

As spirit week comes to a close there’s always those who don’t participate in anything, because the pride is “forced” but what exactly is it and how can school spirit be forced?

Just as every year spirit week has rolled around, and a new batch of pride days (along with the stereotypical Hawaiian day, because you know every year we need to have an 80’s day or wear Hawaiian shirts right?).  Each year there’s always the die-hard kids who go full blown dress up everyday, and those who don’t dress up at all. But the question is, is school spirit forced?

Now, I personally don’t do much for spirit week;I’ll wear the class color and red and black, but I’m not one for getting dressed in togas and costumes, it’s never been my thing. I can honestly say that I have the bare minimum school spirit. But in my opinion, I don’t think school spirit is forced. It’s spirit week, of course they’re going to try to get everyone to dress up, that’s the whole point of spirit week. Even if you don’t they’re not going to chase you with torches and pitchforks, and I’ve never ever seen someone completely disregarded for not dressing up. Chances are if you don’t dress up you’re not hanging out with the people who do spirit week religiously, so it’s not like they’re acting like they’re too good for you anyways. Most times people who don’t dress up are really conceited about it, acting like they’re protesting the whole school. Sorry whoever this is all you’re doing is dressing just as you do every other day. I have my own reasons for not dressing up, most for convenience sake of not wearing a toga for 7 hours and I don’t happen to have a loose Hawaiian shirt laying around my house.  I’m also not dedicated enough to spend money on something I’m going to wear once then never touch.

I suppose there is two sides to each story though as people were saying that they were kicked out of the student section for not having enough “school spirit”.  There’s also going to be those people that might get on you once for not dressing up or anything, but I’ve never seen anyone actually going at anyone for not participating. It’s a place that’s supposed to be full of school spirit, you’re supposed to be dressed up so they can do all the chants, and take pictures, and whatever else they do. If you’re there to actually watch the game or just goof off there’s tons of other places to sit instead of the dead middle with all the preppy kids. You stick out like a sore thumb and kinda defeats the point of everyone dressing up for this. Also if you’re not dressed up why are you trying to sit with the all the kids, as someone who doesn’t dress up as well I wouldn’t even want to sit there.

Like I said numerous times, if you aren’t dressing for spirit day you probably don’t hangout with all the kids that do (myself included), so why would you want to sit with a bunch of people you’re not friends with. At the end of the day, I one hundred percent don’t think school spirit is forced. The school wants everyone to participate, and they want everyone to be excited for homecoming. They’re going to do their hardest to get everyone to do it. That doesn’t mean that it is forced. Nobody goes after anybody for not dressing up;don’t say that they disclude certain people because the only person discluding them is themself. You’d be right and welcome into the student section if you did dress up, and didn’t try to be this super “Too cool for school” kind of kid. The only person pushing you away is yourself.


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Van Dombrowski is a senior at Lake Shore High School who has been writing for The Shoreline for the entirety of his senior year. His passion lies in music, which he hopes to be able to pursue a career in. Though unaware of exactly where he wants to go to college he continues to pursue, despite having no clue of what he's doing.