Impressive Start For Lake Shore’s Varsity 4-1 Football Team

Lake Shore High School’s Varsity Football team is off to a great start. They have a winning record of four wins, against Lincoln and Fitzgerald and L’anse Creuse and South Lake, and one loss, against Port Huron Northern, in overtime. They are hoping for a win on September 28th against East Detroit.

The coaches and players are more than pleased with how their players have played. Richard Popp, Dean of Students and Head Varsity Football Coach, stated, “We have started off strong this season. The players are playing hard and working together very well.” Harris explained, “Besides the game against Port Huron Northern, it’s been going great.”

There will be ups and downs with anything that someone does in life, including football. Popp explained, “My favorite part of the season is that the players have united as one. They are great friends and they play hard for each other. They are a great team and they are selfless. My least favorite part is that we have had kids get injured. When people cannot participate because they are injured it is always my least favorite part of any endeavor.”

All athletes eventually graduate and move on from the sport that they love, so teams and players will always be changing. That is why this year’s football team is extraordinary. Popp explained, “They are completely unselfish. They care about the team more than their own glory. That is what makes this team so very special and they will have success because of this.” Harris expressed, “I love all of my team. All of them try and work hard and all of them have talent and bring something to the table.”

The 2018 season is approaching the halfway point, with only five games left. Harris stated, “I hope to go to playoffs and maybe beyond that.” Popp said, “I am looking forward to the kids experiencing more success each week. They have worked extremely hard and their success is their reward.”