The Secret Life Of Mr. DeNault

Nick DeNault, an algebra teacher at Lake Shore, may look like a normal teacher at school, does exciting things outside of his job. When he is not teaching he is either playing hockey or is in a play.

DeNault plays goalie if and when he plays. He said, “I am not the best but, I just play for fun.” DeNault plays at Fraser Ice Rink for about two or three nights a week. DeNault plays with a couple of friends of his. At one point he got to play at Joe Louis Arena. DeNault said that he got to play with former Red Wings players. He said that he loved meeting former Red Wings and playing with them.

DeNault also acts in plays through a company called On Our Own Productions. He has been acting since she was 12 years old. He has been in hundreds of plays since he was 12 to now. DeNault’s favorite roles that he has been is Lumiére from Beauty and the Beast and Lord Farquaad from Shrek. The only thing that he does not like about acting in plays is that they are very stressful. DeNault said, “ I do not like if I know if I am going to be funny or good until the opening night.”    

With hockey and acting, DeNault is a teacher with many talents that people may not know about.