Girls Swim: Empty Promises, Full Hearts

Lake Shore Girls’ swim team is on its way to greatness. The girls are swimming fast and doing their best under the circumstances.

The pool was supposed to be fixed by the beginning of the girls’ swim season this year, but it just so happens that something happened to the pool that made all the girls extremely upset. Including their varsity swimmer, Julia Munger. Munger explained that in the pool they messed up the tiling and the pipes oxidized.

Munger expresses her and her teams anger by saying, “I’m livid. Couck is beyond mad too.”

The girls on the team now have to swim at other schools even when it’s a “home meet.” Munger said, “We are doing okay, we could do better if we had more time to practice.” Since the pool isn’t fixed the girls have to be bussed to practice at South Lake. This takes away time from their usual practice. “The pool needed work before anything else. We don’t have an opportunity to swim. We are at a disadvantage from other teams. We don’t have a lot of time to practice,” Munger said. 

Munger is a varsity swimmer at Lake Shore and she has been since freshman year. She is now on her fourth and final year here at Lake Shore. She has swam in the pool for quite some time and her final year isn’t even at the Lake Shore Pool. “I was really hoping to try and break some records at home.” But since she is in an unfamiliar pool, it makes things a lot more tricky. “It just doesn’t feel like home. When you are at home, you get more hype because you feel like you are representing the Lake Shore name. We would feel a little more pumped up if we were at home,” stated Munger.

Since this is Munger’s last year at Lake Shore she is incredibly upset to not be swimming in the pool. She really wanted to break a record in the Lake Shore pool. It wouldn’t be the first time Munger broke a record here at Lake Shore. She actually has broken two; the 100 fly and she helps hold the 200 freestyle relay. 

With such as a promising season ahead, and record breaking athletes, Lake Shore should be prioritizing them. They feel a bit hung out to dry. So if you get a chance to go see the girls swim, please do so. Make them feel at home.