Confederate Controversy

Lake Shore has recently run into an epidemic of students wearing the confederate flag on clothes. Now some may argue that the flag is apart of our history, and therefore isn’t bad, but I argue that it is rude, inconsiderate and just plain racist.

Let me elaborate, the confederate flag was used in 1861 to 1865. It symbolized the South’s separation from the North United States. The reason for this being because the South had different views from the North. Eventually it was revived in the 1950s-1960s. The flag is most commonly known as a racist symbol. However, no matter what flag you wear on your t-shirt or hoodie, it is considered disrespectful. You are not supposed to wear any flag, especially one pertaining to America on your shirt.

So, not only is it disrespectful to our nation to wear a flag on articles clothing, but it is immensely more disrespectful if that flag has racist connections.

The students of Lake Shore should feel like we are in a safe environment and wearing things like that is spewing hate. It is absolutely disgusting. I asked Robin Wilkins about her opinions on the matter. “The history of the confederate flag is racist. And sporting that flag isn’t about southern pride, it’s about bigotry and ignorance.”

I proceeded to ask Wilkins if they should be able to wear those types of clothes to school. Her answer was, “No, they shouldn’t be allowed to. It literally says in the handbook ‘Clothing with sexual connotations…including those of an intimidating or hostile nature with respect to race, gender, religion…is prohibited.”

“I honestly don’t think I have anything to say to them, arguing with bigotry is like arguing with a brick wall. I can spend hours and hours giving them my opinion, as a black woman, on why I believe that the confederate flag is offensive, but at the end of the day I can’t change their ignorance,” Wilkins stated. She has a very valid point. Once people make up their mind, they typically don’t want to change it.

So Lake Shore look into your morals, is it okay for others to wear the confederate flag?