Trap Shooting

Lake Shore High School has a trap team that has been going on for a while now where students can enjoy trap shooting on Tuesdays and Saturdays and improve over time.

Elijah Stamatakis, Senior, explained, “Trap shooting is where a clay bird is launched in front of five people about nineteen yards away and they take turns shooting it with shotguns.” He continued, “People stand in five stations with five shots each and rotate every five shots.”

Trap is a thrilling experience for many as you get to go outside and do something productive and interesting, but a lot of hard work goes into it as well and you must be prepared. “Trap is a sport of mental toughness and consistency. It pays to have a short memory,” Bobby Cubba, Senior, informed. “During season I shoot two times a week of a total of four rounds; so in other terms, one hundred clay pigeons,” he also stated.

Clay pigeons are shaped like saucers and made out of baked clay. They can come in many different shapes and sizes if needed. They are fragile so they can be shot at to break easily, but also not super fragile so they can survive being launched in the air. People in trap use them quite a lot.

The trap team shoots two rounds on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Chris Hubbard helps to lead them. “The best two scores are used for that weeks score,” Stamatakis explained. Stamatakis’ favorite things about trap are the people, shooting the competition, and constantly improving, while Cubba’s are the experience and the uniqueness of the activity.

Even though Stamatakis and Cubba are both seniors, they do plan to do more with trap in the future and after high school. Stamatakis’ and Cubba’s future plans for trap are to shoot trap with their friends. Cubba also plans to shoot trap at Gilbert’s sportsman club and to introduce trap to more friends and family.