Beerbongs & Bentleys

A long awaited release, beerbongs & bentleys has finally been released on April 27th of this year. Written by the youthful rapper Post Malone, this album was revealed over a year ago in February of 2018. Totaling 18 tracks and over an hour in length, this record has both quality and quantity.

Despite not being in the game for a long time (Post Malone is only 22 years old), being active only as far as 2015, hes already put out a number of hits. Post put out a total of three singles before this album. The first, “rockstar” (featuring 21 Savage), was released all the way back in September and was very popular , getting massive radio play. The second single, “Candy Paint”, released in October also did well. The last single to be released, “Psycho”, lended well to the tone of the album. The first and third of these singles made it to the Billboard 100, with the latter making it to the 4th spot (despite Drake’s most recent single dominating the #1 spot for weeks now). The album also boasts a few notable features; Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, and the California rapper G-Eazy.

Malone’s music is generally hard to categorize; he himself refers to it as “genre-less”. He draws from several genres and styles; while generally thought of as hip hop music, he has a ton of influence from rock and roll, and country as well. A part of Post Malone’s signature style is the use of his voice, going between rapping and singing; not to mention he is powerful and precise.

The album takes a few different tones, from party anthems like “92 Explorer”, to sad tunes like “Stay”. Another aspect of the album that should be looked at is how the music adapts for songs with features. “Ball For Me” takes on a tempo fit for Nicki’s rapping, and “Same B****s” has a beat as silky smooth as G-Eazy. The content of the songs is reminiscent of rock and roll; women, drugs, and money; whether in a cheerful or sorrowful way.