The Values of Sports and Lake Shore High School

Lake Shore High School is known for its renowned athletic programs such as basketball during the winter and football during the fall and how successful they can be. There are nineteen different sports at Lake Shore, but why are these two sports in the spotlight over sports that have been extremely successful throughout their seasons?

Think about this: Have you ever recognized the sports that are actually doing better than these popular athletic programs? The girl’s swim team and the bowling programs had many successes throughout their respected seasons, but they rarely got recognition for their accomplishments.

Many athletes are playing these sports because they are committed to them and are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes for these sports. Julia Munger, junior at Lake Shore High School and swimmer on the varsity girls swim team, says, “This year, the girls swim team became Sterling Heights Relay Champs, City Champs [for the first time ever], and won our division meet [only the third time in Shorian history]. The boys won their division meet as well. These two teams have never won back to back and it is an amazing accomplishment for both teams and our coach, Mr. Couck. Combined, the boys and girls swim team had six people named on the all county team.” The athletes that partake in these sports devote everything to their sport, but with swim being on the lower end of the sport value at Lake Shore, these accomplishments were not really publicized to the community.

The pool has been in need of renovation for a while due to a hole in the ceiling that was only patched up instead of being fixed. Munger says, “The ceiling is falling down. As you walk into the pool, you are greeted above you with a huge, nasty hole in the ceiling. There is a garbage can under the hole, catching the debris and water dripping through the pool ceiling. I once walked in through those doors for morning practice and a piece of the ceiling actually fell and hit me.” While the pool sits with drywall from the ceiling at the bottom of it, the field house and locker rooms are being redone, slowly but surely.

The money that has been provided to the school through bonds has gone to air conditioning, the math department, and portions of the money has gone to the athletic departments. What about the pool that needs fixing, and has needed to be fixed for a while now? Someone is going to get hurt, but the money has to go towards things that are not relatively threatening to the school, such as the air conditioning that is going to continue being installed throughout the summer.

The bowling team here at Lake Shore High School has been a successful program for the past few years, competing with the best teams in the Macomb area in the MAC Red. The boy’s varsity team has placed first at regionals back to back in 2016 and 2017, and placed third in the entire state in 2016. The girl’s varsity have had their standout performances as well, having a ton of runner-up finishes in various tournaments throughout their 2018 season, placing in regionals for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. On both boy and girl varsity teams, they have had many state singles qualifiers. There were two girls and four boys on the all county team, and one girl and three boys who made all state team this season.I bet you never even knew any of these season highlights. Did you even know that Lake Shore has a bowling team? It is because the program does not receive any recognition by the school? It is one of the best sports in this school, but it goes unnoticed because many people do not consider bowling a sport? The team has to do most of their fundraising by themself, because there is not enough money funded to the team from the district, while some sports do not have to lift a finger to fundraise for their team.

All I am asking is that every sport that this school offers to the students be recognized as equal. The athletes at this school take their sports very seriously, and when they are not recognized through the school, it feels as if they are not doing enough for their sport. Value all sports that are offered to the students, not just the ones that bring in the most money from spectators.