The Continued Hallway Saga: Slow Walkers and Hallway Stoppers

In Lake Shore High School we have seen demonstrated throughout many years the dozens of people who stop in the middle of hallway or walk super slow. It starts like this: you’re walking in the hallway trying to get to your next class, minding your own business, when all of a sudden a group of people are stopped in front of you, laughing and talking. You’re just trying to get to your next class on time, but obviously that is not the first priority of the students in front of you. This usually makes students aggravated or annoyed. Now this issue has reached an all time high of annoyance, not just to students but to teachers as well. Improvements to this ongoing issue have not been shown and the issue may have gotten worse.

I wanted to see if other students had the same opinions as me on this issue, and they did agree. Brianna Rivard, Junior stated, “I understand that people have bad days and walk slower than usual, but when there are people that consistently do it, it can be a bit annoying.” Another Junior, Grace Rudolph, agreed. Rudolph said, “It’s annoying because I’m just trying to get to class.” She continued by adding, “People are stopping in the hallway. I can’t get around them and I don’t want to be late for class.” Both students find walking slow or stopping in the hallways annoying.

Not only are students annoyed by the issue of “slow walkers” and “hallway stoppers,” teachers are too. When walking up the stairs to get to my fifth hour class, I often see a group of people in the middle of the hallway. They are grouped together right in front of my classroom and I often have to ask them to move, or I see teachers yell at them to move. The issue is not as common in this spot now, but there are many other spots in the hallways where students stop. Rivard says she’s seen students stop by the lockers, while Rudolph says she’s seen students stop by the main hallway and next to the lunch room.

Rivard and Rudolph both think that there has “not really” been any improvement to this issue and they “haven’t seen anything done” to improve it. So what exactly can be done to improve this? Rudolph and I both agree that hall monitors could make an improvement by telling people to move. I also think that most teachers help this issue when they can. However, Rivard says, “I don’t think there’s really an official way to stop it, but if people pay more attention to what they’re doing, the problem might improve a little bit.”

On the other side, some people can be extremely rude to the people who walk slowly or stop in the hallways. Some say bad words, push people, or blame it on one specific person. In my opinion, this just encourages more conflict than actually making an improvement on it. For example, just recently I was walking in the hallway next to lockers and a huge crowd was behind me. One person swore at me, accusing me of walking too slow, when in reality I was just really confused as to what I was doing. Another time someone pushed me in the hallway when we were stuck behind a slow moving crowd of people. People need to be more respectful to other people if they want respect back. Students, please remember to be respectful and do not walk slow or stop in the hallway because it annoys other students.