Saving Colorguard

Unfortunately, you may not see the wonderful spinning of flags, tossing of rifles, and elaborate performances of the members of colorguard on the field anymore. The team at Lake Shore currently only has one member, meaning it may not be a continuing sport at our school.

Summer Morgan, junior, was in colorguard from eighth to tenth grade. Morgan attributes the loss of team members to the lack of recruitment. Morgan states, “We used to have a lot of people on the team and made more efforts to recruit people, go out to the middle schools, and etc.” Morgan continues, “We haven’t had as far a reach as we used to.”

Morgan also mentions the struggle of band members being asked to join being a part of the problem. “A lot of people also don’t want to quit band to join color guard, they want to focus on their instrument. We need to start recruiting people outside of band,” emphasized Morgan.

Abigail Mabry, senior, was in colorguard for six and half seasons (including winter guard). When describing color guard, Mabry uses one word and that’s “fun.” Mabry also elaborates on the closeness of the team, “It’s like a really close-knit family because you have to be with each other, teach each other, and be in unison with each other.”

Mabry feels a reason for the loss of team members is the fact that they’ve already graduated, and also the issue of recruiting. “I think one reason was that they stopped letting us recruit middle schoolers,” explains Mabry and adds, “We used to go to Kennedy and perform in the gym and introduce it to the middle schoolers but now we can’t.”

Mabry continues to discuss the sport of color guard itself and how demanding it truly is. “People tend to think it’s not a sport because you don’t engage typical muscles,” states Mabry. Mabry then compares it to other sports such as golf or softball in which players work out but have muscles which are stronger than others. “It’s also a brain thing. You have to be conscious of what every limb is doing,” concludes Mabry.

Color guard has been a part of our school for quite a long time now, and it’s unfortunate that we may not see it soon. It seems to be that if more recruiting takes place and there is more encouragement to join, we can save color guard and keep the flags flying!