New Renovations

Since the passing of the technology bond in 2016, Lake Shore has been experiencing vast change and renovations. Starting with a massive influx in technology with the introduction of Chromebooks and the 1:1 program, the high school has been under a lot of physical altercation.

The bond introduced new heating/cooling units to every room in the high school; these large, fridge-like units, many requiring for rooms to be totally rearranged, are part of this. This allows the school to be cooled off during those warm summer months at the end of the year, and for the building to be heated efficiently during the winter. Additionally, this eliminates the clunky and outdated heat registers of the building.

Among the planned renovations for our school were: new heating/cooling units in every classroom, a full auditorium renovation, and new locker rooms and concessions building out on the field. These renovations are still going on, with the auditorium still technically in progress, rooms still receiving units, and the field progress at a near standstill. Chris Mantela, math teacher, is one of the few teachers whose room is being worked on still. They began over spring break. “They said it would be about 6 weeks,” says Mantela.

While some of these changes are nearly finished, others may not be finished for months. One thing’s for certain; these renovations will greatly benefit Lake Shore High School.