Best Animal Instagrams To Follow

If you ever find yourself searching through instagram late at night, bored out of your mind, make your way to these five darling animal instagram accounts.



Burrito is a bunny of instagram; his account includes Burrito and his bunny wife.They have daily living, snacks and pro tips all to help out with the bunny community. Burrito and his wife, Bunnicula have been on instagram for a few years and have a total of 2,539 followers currently. The page features many cute photos of the two bunnies going about their daily activities looking cute as ever.



This purrectly pretty kitty has the cutest cat ever. Coffee is three years and a cancer survivor and fought very long and hard.  He and his sister, Nala_cat, both make appearances on the page and they make the cutest duo. They even sell cat merch. As well as cat toys and catnip, all the cat essentials. The money they make off that goes towards Coffee’s medical bills and other things that the two cats need to live the best life. The two cats will continue to have many adventures with each other .



The third instagram is zelda_clermont. This pretty pup is a great dane who is currently residing in LA with parents, Sydney and Dan Clermoney. Her dad, Dan is in the band Set It Off. She enjoys the likes of going for car rides and playing tug of war. Zelda is just older than a year and is happy as can be in her current circumstances. Her best friend, Keevy Rose, also makes appearances on her instagram. Keevy Rose is a husky and the two of them together are absolutely adorable!



Pistol, a fie fingered feline has the hearts of all.  She is a cat but her following has an inside joke that she is an actual alien. This cat is very unique because she has extra toes on each little paw. Which is where the alien joke comes into play. The page consists of many aesthetically pleasing photos as well as cute videos featuring her meowing of doing something just down right sweet. If you love cats, I promise this page is absolutely for you. Her dad, Maxx Danziger, takes her pictures and captures the cutest moments between the two. Her favorite things to do are nap ,eat snacks and get scratches from Maxx. She is sassy and clever when it comes to getting things she wants, or in other words treats. They have a loving bond and nothing could ever come between that.



Subjectively speaking, the best animal Instagram account out there is Tuna the Chiweenie. Tuna was infamously named after his owner, Courtney Dasher, realized that his wrinkly complexion and crooked overbite resembled that of a cartoon character. She then started calling him Toonie, but soon shortened it to Tuna. Probably most recognizable for his creative Halloween costumes and flamboyant bowtie collection, Tuna shares his Instagram spotlight with another oddly faced individual, his stuffed bestie, Colin. Tuna and Colin’s quirky faces can be seen outside of Instagram on their Colinder (no pun intended, it’s what their calendar is actually called), and on the pages of their book, Tuna Melts My Heart. Scrolling through Tuna’s Instagram posts will not disappoint. You’re welcome, Lake Shore.