Student Music Teacher

If you were to roam the halls of Lake Shore High School, you would see your favorite and possibly least favorite teachers wandering the halls instead of being enclosed in their classrooms teaching their students. If you were to go down to the music hallway to the band room, you would not only find Mr. West, the band director for symphonic, concert, and jazz ensembles, but you would also find student teacher Mr. Anthony Beitel, graduate of Sterling Heights High School and current student at Wayne State University, studying to obtain a bachelor degree in music with concentration in education.

He joined the Lake Shore High School faculty in 2017 after marching season, and has been a hit in the band community ever since. He has always been interested in teaching and music, saying the reason he wanted to go into teaching was “mostly my band experience as a student.” Beitel has known since his sophomore year of high school that he wanted to be a teacher, and Lake Shore High School is a good place to start.

He wants to pursue his teaching career after his experience at Lake Shore High School saying, “I would like to teach around in the Metro Detroit area, ideally, but I am open to moving if I have to.” He loves teaching, and West has put him to the test and has allowed him to arrange the upcoming spring concert. His expectations are high for his students, but he says, “I just really want them to just perform to the best of their ability and and be able to have a good time with the music. That’s really my ultimate expectation for them.”

Under the direction of Beitel, he hopes that the students “grow as much as they can and hopefully use the music as a tool to do so.” The band students are working hard for the spring concert, which is one of their final performances of the school year, that is set to take place in May.