Spring Golf

As the spring sun comes out, so do the golf clubs. Lake Shore Golf has started its season with the third trimester of school. Tryouts were held after school on March 12th, the first week of the trimester, with the team roster completed with new and old talent.

The Lake Shore Golf team has a number of seniors with a few lower classmen. With some seniors playing all four years of their high school career, this team has a strong lineup of talent and leadership. Nate Custer, senior and experienced golfer, says, “We practice every day except Fridays. We practice by ourselves on the weekend.” Custer, who has been golfing for ten years, emphasizes practicing alone as the key to becoming a better player. “You kinda need to, if you’re serious.” Despite not being a team sport, the athletes practice and train together.

James Roehm, physical education teacher and golf team coach, has them practicing constantly. “We’re in the gym when its cold out, we go out to the course when its nice out, or even the putt putt course,” says Roehm.

The season lasts from March into late May. The team participates in a number of tournaments and matches. Their first match, after spring break, takes place at Lakeview. With one to two matches a week, these athletes are staying competitive. “We play a minimum of 10 matches a season, with some tournaments,” says Custer. Some are tournaments, some just matches. Tournaments involve an organized event with multiple games, while matches are just games against another team. Five matches are home games, and five are away. The team participates in at least four tournaments.

Lake Shore’s Golf team will be very active during this spring season. With a talented lineup, the team can expect to take home some hardware. Lake Shore Golf’s first game will be against Lakeview on April 12th.