Shorian Soccer

Soccer season has officially commenced. Lake Shore’s new varsity squad consists of 19 girls: 6 seniors, 12 juniors and one sophomore. The girls are very excited.

The team is composed of Charliann Bigelow, Morgan LaForest, Makenzie Coe, Haley Craft, Megan Champine, and Maria Goosen as their seniors. For the juniors, it’s Caitlyn Harwood, Ashley Vredenburg, Kourtney McAdory, Hannah Smigielski, Rebecca Ludwick, Gabrielle Kelel, Victoria Butkowski, Mackenzi Steinmetz, Jaclyn Dietz, Melanie LaForest, and Brooke Mechlowitz. Last, but not least, is Ellise Fries, a sophomore.

Ludwick, a defender, said, ¨I am excited to see where we are as a team and how we will progress throughout the season. I look forward to experiencing varsity level, and working with the team. I think we will do very well this season.”

The girls Varsity played at L’Anse Creuse High School North at 6:30 following the JV team on Thursday the 22nd. They lost 2-1 but still put on an incredible fight. Although bummed, the girl’s spirits are still high for the rest of the season. But came back Monday 26, 2018. It was 1-0 and the girls were very very excited. JV also won their game 2-0. Both teams did fantastically.

Caitlyn Harwood, co-captain, said “I’m definitely excited for this upcoming season! But I would like our team to become closer than we already are. It is nice to have a team where we can all depend on one another, on the field, in the classroom, and even outside of school.” Harwood explained where the team is at as a unit and what they need to improve on. “I think that we did okay at LCN I definitely think that there are improvements to be made to become a better individual and also a team player. As far as improving the team wise, I think it would benefit us more if we communicated better and picked one another up on he field,” said Hardwood.

Makenzie Coe, Captain, said she is also “very excited for the season.” She wants the team together and be “able to adapt to each other’s game. As a team I think we can improve on moving the ball quicker and we need to shoot more. I think our game yesterday (Monday March 26) could have gone a lot better. We had many chances to score but it just didn’t happen.”

Coe is one of the two girls on Varsity going to college for soccer. She will be attending Purdue Fort Wayne. “I am going to miss the team so much because I have been playing with of a lot of those girls since I was little,” stated Coe.

The girls are all very hopeful for this season. There next Varsity home game is April 13 against Chippewa Valley at 6 pm and is a division game.