School Safety

Safety in schools should definitely be a priority. How to properly ensure that we are as safe as we can be has been an issue for a while now. Some schools aren’t sure as to what precautions they should be taking, or how they will get it done.

Student’s opinions and voices on safety matter the most and are very important to take into consideration.

Cassidy Godin, junior, states, “I feel that Lake Shore is very safe. I mean yeah, a bullet found in school is a bit odd but it was most likely just a kid trying to get out of school. I guess I’m just not worried.” Godin feels quite safe at Lake Shore overall.

Godin continues to explain how she thinks we can make the school safer. Godin explains, “I think that making Lake Shore safer is definitely a good idea since we should always be ensured safety. We should inform our students on what to look out for and to remember that they should report anything that seems wrong in anyway.” In order for us to report something suspicious, we as students need to be informed on what to search for.

Skye Strach, senior, feels a bit differently about our safety at Lake Shore. “To be honest, I don’t feel that safe because just about a month ago we got commons security to let people in, but it still doesn’t really help,” commented Strach. “I believe students should have to keep their bags in their lockers, or have to carry smaller bags around the school,” Strach adds. Strach also feels that the school should check the IDs of people that come into the building.

Strach, along with Godin, feels that we need to be aware of others and report any red flags that we witness. “I believe student-wise, if we notice people who we think could harm someone at school, should tell a teacher or anyone so they can get help and be talked to instead of just letting them do what they want,” stresses Strach.

Janelle Bross, the principal at Lake Shore, stresses the importance of students and their role in playing a part of our safety. Bross says, “Students in the building are our first line of defense. Students hear, see, and view more in school and on social media than teachers and administrators do.”

Bross also notices some safety issues within the school currently that we can fix. “In terms of building security, we have some students that will prop open doors or let people into the building that haven’t checked through our secure doors,” explains Bross. “For some, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but again, small things can have a big impact.”

Bross, along with many others, feels that there is an importance in talking more to your peers, being more aware of how they’re feeling, and telling a trusted source if you see anything that could be a potential threat. The struggles that some students have can be connected to bullying and how they are treated by others.

“If any student is the victim of bullying, witnesses bullying, is struggling personally, or knows of someone struggling, we want to know about it so we can intervene and make things right,” concludes Bross.

There are many ways that we can make our building safer and take the most precautions as we possibly can. Some schools across the nation are considering metal detectors. The National Institute of Justice states to set up a school metal detector program can be very costly, and each could range up to $5,000.

No matter what we as students and as a school do, we shouldn’t be fearful. We all need to have safety be the most important priority in our mind and make sure we are as secured as we possibly can be. Whether that be telling a trusted adult if you see suspicious activity, remembering to close a door behind you, or showing your ID at a door, we all can take small precautions in order to make a big impact.