Love, Simon

Love, Simon is about a gay boy who is of high school age and is hiding it from all of his classmates, friends, and family.

Love, Simon includes Simon’s daily life and how he meets someone by social media anonymously and then becomes very frequent modern pen pals. However, the boy hasn’t told anyone he is  gay or revealed his identity to anyone on social media. The boys email each other back and forth, but someone finds out and starts blackmailing them.

Just like most blackmailers, he wanted something out of it. Simon, fearful of his secret being released, tries to comply with him. The blackmailer simply wants to start dating one of Simon’s friends, Abby, played by Alexandra Shipp. However, Abby likes someone else: another one of Simon’s friends, Nick, played Jorge Lendeborg. Nick wants to ask Abby out, too. However, in fear of his secret being shared Simon convinces Nick not to ask Abby out.

The acting was phenomenal. Nick Robinson portrays Simon beautifully and Katherine Langford was casted perfectly for the part of Leah. Everyone else was casted lovely as well. My favorite character is Simon’s sister Norma, played by Talitha Eliana Bateman. She is courageous and supportive throughout the entire thing. Plus she loves cooking.

The soundtrack was impressive. The music to the movie includes “Strawberries and Cigarettes” by Troye Sivan and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. Both songs are iconic in their own ways. The movie also contained “Someday at Christmas” By the Jackson 5, and, lets be honest here, who doesn’t love the Jackson 5? The soundtrack was solid and fit the movie and its scenes fairly well.

My favorite scene through the whole thing was the ending. Simon tells his mystery boy to meet him on the ferris wheel at their school’s carnival. The entire scene is nerve wracking all at once.

I definitely recommend everyone to go see this movie. It pulls the heart strings and brings a tear to my eye.