High School Sweethearts


People are often quick to condescend young love, however these Lake Shore couples have stood the test of time by surviving the tumultuous years of high school. Here’s a quick glance into their withstanding relationships:

One of these senior couples is Josh Wood and Katelyn Csernyant. They have been dating for a year and a half, and can be found working together behind the scenes of Tropical Smoothie. Their favorite things to do together are, “go to coney, the movies, and just hang out together a lot.” They had their first date at Yates Cider Mill, and their favorite memory together is “going to Frankenmuth over Memorial Day weekend last year.” In their opinion, their relationship has lasted because they are always “trusting each other and showing gratitude for one another whenever we can.”

Another long lasting couple is Lexie Vaughn and Drew Gallop. Their first date was at a coffee shop and despite the cliche, it seems to have worked for them as they have been going strong for the past four years, or in their words, for “a very long time.” They enjoy going on car rides together and venturing to new places. They add, “We enjoy hanging out with friends whenever possible together.” While recalling favorite memories, they reveal that “We try to do something that we will remember for a long time as much as possible, and we have fun every week, so there is no one particular memory.” In their opinion, the relationship has lasted because “We get along pretty well and try to work towards things we want out of life together, whether it is small or big goals.”

Jessica Moceri and Ryan Czarnecki are another senior couple notable for their withstanding relationship. They have been dating for two and a half years, and could first be spotted together at the 8th grade farewell dance. They enjoy “playing Fortnite and eating extra toasty Cheez Its.” Moceri says that her favorite memory together is “going up north and going four wheeling through the woods.” Czarnecki’s favorite memory is “going to the Gibraltar fair and going on the Fireball for the first time.” In their opinion, “True love has made the relationship last.” They continue by adding, “No matter what, we know that we both love each other too much to fight about little things.”

The final couple in this feature are none other than the Class of 2018’s Class Couple, Peyton Krolewski and Chris Federlein. They have been dating for three and a half years with their first date being at the movies to see Divergent. While spending time together, they like to “Go on movie and dinner dates, paint each others nails, [and] do each others’ hair.” Their favorite memory together is the time they watched the 2015 Lunar Eclipse. In their opinion, the relationship has lasted because of their “communication, love, respect…and good sense of humor.”