What It Is Like to Have a Twin in High School

Some people dream of having a twin to be with, others live their whole lives having that person with them. Makhia and Mckayla Riley, freshmen identical twins, get to live the reality of having a twin.

The pros of having a twin are that they will always be there for you and they will be there for you if you are feeling alone. The cons of having a twin are they tell on you if you do something bad, you might not always get to be yourself, and they could potentially take your friend group away.

People always wonder if identical twins experience twin telepathy. The Riley twins have both experienced this phenomenon. Makhia stated, “Yes. Multiple times. One time my sister hurt herself and I felt the pain. One time I  broke my ankle and her tooth started hurting. We have really weird twin telepathy.”

Sometimes siblings, whether they are twins or not, do not get along while being in the same environment. Fortunately, the Riley twins get along together for the most part. Makhia expressed, “Yeah, there is always the ups and downs, but we are really cool.” They used to also have classes together as well.

Some twins, fraternal and identical, do everything together. The Riley twins do not. In fact it is like they are polar opposites. Makhia claimed, “We are like two opposite people. She is basketball and I am volleyball. She’s a tomboy and I’m really girly girl. She sings, I dance.”

Makhia and Mckayla have both played the classic joke of switching places and pretending to be the other person. Even though they have done this, Makhia said, “I get really upset because we are like two complete opposites. It is like when someone calls me Mckayla, we really don’t even look nothing alike even though we are identical.”