Varsity Cheer

Lake Shore High School is known for its exceptional cheer team. Many can recognize the varsity cheer team from their spot on the sidelines of the football field, but what a lot of Shorians don’t see are their performances beyond the field.

Beyond the field, Lake Shore’s Varsity Competitive Cheer Team can be found performing immaculate routines at competitions. This year, the team placed eighth in Regionals, and with the season coming to a close, expectations are high for next year.

Payton Zsude, junior Varsity Cheerleader, says, “Next season the upcoming Seniors are set on going to States. We believe that it is a very obtainable and we are ready to work hard to get there.” Mia Hahn, freshman Varsity Cheerleader, describes her excitement for next season, saying, “ I can’t wait to see the girls again in Football season!”

While the team has higher hopes for next season, they are far from disappointed with this season’s outcome. Zsude explains, “This year was a bumpy ride, but came out with a good outcome.” She continues by adding, “Every competition we set a goal and we often achieved them. Our goal was to make it to Regionals and we did. Every competition we put everything we had into it and that is all anyone can ask for.” Haley Marsiglio, junior Varsity Cheerleader, adds, “…we placed where I knew we should.”

While reflecting on the highlights of this season, Zsude recalls, “My favorite part of this season was meeting the new athletes. We had a lot of newcomers this season who I had never met before. After spending six days a week together, we all quickly knew a lot about each other.” Marsiglio comments, “This year’s season was full of learning experiences and personal growth.” Hahn says that her favorite part is “Performing. Always. There’s nothing like the feeling you and your team get after a round.”

This cheer season was one for the books, and Shorians from all around the school are looking forward to what next season will bring for these Varsity Cheerleaders.