Should Students Be Able to Grade Teachers?

Should students be able to grade their teachers? Teachers have been grading students since the beginning of time and some teachers are too hard on their students, while others are too soft and don’t cover all the lessons. Most students suffer from this and have to carry those mistakes by teachers for the rest of their life.

What if students were able to grade their teachers? Lexi Batayeh, freshman at Lake Shore High School explains her thoughts on weather or not students should grade their teachers, “I think that they [students] should be able to, because students depend on their teachers to give them proper education and if they aren’t doing that it should be noticed.” Batayeh also believes that teachers will act differently if they are graded by students, “I think that teachers would act differently when being graded by students because everyone always wants to make themselves seem better than they are and I believe that some teachers would not act like their everyday self when being graded.”

Batayeh believes that teachers will also remember what it’s like to be a student again, “I think that they [teachers] will have empathy and put themselves in our shoes to understand things a little bit more from our [students’] point of view.” Batayeh explains, “Depending on the teacher and how much I trust them or feel comfortable with them, I would be hard on them because they need to know how their students are feeling.” Batayeh explains in what instances she’ll give her teacher an F, “An instance in which I would give my teacher an F is if I feel like they aren’t doing what they can to help me, and their other students succeed. Although a lot of that is the students’ job to put forth the effort, it all starts with how our teachers are educating us.” Batayeh goes on to explain, “If teachers got failing grades, based on what I know about them, I believe that they would take the time to fully understand why they got a failing grade and work to better themselves as educators.” Most students would love to grade their teachers, but will it ever happen? Batayeh gives her insight on whether or not this grading system will ever happen, “Although I think that it’s a great idea, I don’t think that something like this would ever happen because it takes some trust to let your student grade you on your teaching abilities and believe that they are being completely honest.” If this grading system does happen down the road, Batayeh explains what she thinks the consequences will be, I think that there would be negative consequences because unfortunately, not many students would be able to take something like this seriously and I believe that a task like this should be taken just as seriously as our teachers grading our work.”

How would teachers respond to this change? Michael Spriet, a teacher at Lake Shore High School explains, “They are in college, just a little danger to that though just because if you knew you were doing poorly in a class it could be partially the teachers fault, which I guess would want you to give them a bad write up. But, at the same time, if you came late everyday or you just didn’t do your homework you could still write up the teachers as being a bad teacher. So, I don’t know.” Spriet does have a good point as some students don’t do any work and act up, but the students who do act up always blame their teachers.

Spriet claims he would not act differently if he was being graded by his fellow students. Spriet explains, “I would probably do some introspective self evaluation of what i’m doing wrong and why all the kids disliked what I was doing. Like I said there’s some kids that just come late everyday or don’t try very hard or don’t do their homework and I don’t really feel bad if their giving me an F because I don’t feel that they’re not doing their part. But if I have students who are good students like Aaron Williams and he gives me an F, I’m gonna wonder why I’m getting an F.” Spriet does believe that students somewhat do grade their teacher as he explains, “I think it kind of does to a certain extent. Administrators here through grade vine how students feel about teachers and if there’s certain teachers that are talked about with a students as being poor teachers or being excessively cruel or mean, I think it gets back to the administrators and I think that they, because we get observe  by our administrators, by our principles and I think they might take a closer look at what we’re doing in the classroom if they’re hearing all these rumors from students.” Spriet isn’t sure on whether this will happen or not or what the consequences will be.

As one can see, students have some very good points on why they should be able to grade their teachers. On the other hand, some students would not take grading their teacher seriously as other students would.