Leslie: the Woman Behind the Desk

Leslie Houston has been sitting behind the front desk since the 80’s, but there’s more to her than the lady that offers a smile.

In the early 1970’s, Houston began as a student here. Then, after graduation, she became a hall monitor. Many Lake Shore alumni students and staff may remember her as a hall monitor, but she changed positions.

Looking back at being a student here, Houston  says, “Lake Shore has changed a lot for the good.” Nowadays, students have been granted many more opportunities reasons such as more learning qualities for women. Houston stated, “Back when I was a student in the 70’s, they taught the girls home economics and typing because they figured you were either going to be a secretary or you’ll get married.” Like many schools back in the day, learning styles were predominantly misogynistic.

Staying and working here at Lake Shore after graduating high school was not something Houston had planned to do.

She had bigger aspirations and dreams. Interests that show in her current job choice. One dream included becoming a lawyer, helping others. What Houston believes stopped her from her dream was not making an effort to become one. Houston remarked, “If I had put in more effort and took it serious I would still be pursuing that very career today.”

Houston concluded, “Getting married and having kids right after is something that also stopped me” Houston has three kids (2 boys and 1 girl).

Beyond the desk, a hobby that she enjoys is gardening. When the season is right, Houston brings back her own garden she grows herself. She also enjoys reading books and watching old movies.

Houston asserted that she would absolutely recommend a parent to send their child to Lake shore, “It’s a nice school; it’s a great school.”