Lake Shore’s Top MMSTC Student

Mathematics, technology, and academics. This is what students from Macomb’s Math, Science, and Technology Center (MMSTC) specialize in. A number of students, ranging from all grades, attend MMSTC during the morning hours, and Lake Shore in the afternoon. This school, located in Warren, offers students advanced science and math courses during their high school career. One excelling student and #1 MMSTC from our school, Tyler Knight, senior, talks about his time at one of the region’s finest centers for STEM education.

Knight, and other attendees of MMSTC, have been in attendance since the beginning of high school. Those who wanted to take part took the entrance exam during their 8th grade year, meaning those who went decided early on. Knight says, “I wanted to go to MMSTC because I wanted to challenge myself in math and science. I really enjoyed the challenge throughout my early school years and just wanted to learn more… The application process was not difficult if I remember correctly… requirements were taking algebra 1 and passing the entrance exam, which I did both of.” MMSTC pushes students to their limit in learning and studying. Many students consider the school’s schedule and curriculum to be rather difficult. “A lot of students dropped out,” says Knight.

The school’s schedule is split between an AM and a PM class; Lake Shore’s attendees go with the morning class. They arrive at the school near to 6:30 in the morning and don’t return to their home school until 10:30.  Knight says, “My favorite part of school is the sense of community. You are in 3 classes with the same people for 3 hours who are essentially in the same situation as you, all with a lack of sleep yet still want to be there for academic purposes.” As they all attend the same classes, they have less flexibility in their schedule. “My least favorite part of the school was the lack of choices of classes, you really didn’t get to choose any special classes except senior year. It would’ve been cool to maybe take a year or half a year of a specialized science,” says Knight.