Black Panther Album

One of 2018’s biggest debut’s so far, Marvel’s Black Panther, has been breaking box office records for its popularity. This top budget movie has received a lot of all around praise. Part of the movie that has been incredibly well received is the film’s curated soundtrack. Produced by renowned hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar, this album has been number one on the Billboard 200 for nearly two weeks. The album sold over 150,000 copies in its first week.

This is the first studio work we’ve seen from Duckworth in a while, with a few singles since his last major release. This album has already shown to be one of the most popular ones of the year so far. Duckworth is in ultimate creative control of the theme and feel of his work, and this is no exception. Some songs deliver an action packed rhythm of hip hop, while some lean towards a much slower, pop style with more singing and repetitive elements. Either way, both work amazingly for the soundtrack. Additionally, some songs feature some of the elements of tribal African music displayed in the film, something difficult to capture on tape as cited by the movie’s composer.

Musically, this album is very critically acclaimed. It appears to use different genres and has a lot of different feels; a track like “Paramedic!” is a fast paced hip hop feel that talks about common topics of the music, like gun violence. Some tracks feel distinctly more pop, mostly with their repetitive elements, such as “All the Stars”. This album has a lot of Kendrick’s signature in it, from the cultural ideas being represented to the mastery of flow in the music.