2/26 Lockdown Incident

No one ever thinks that they will go into a lockdown for anything other than a drill until they experience the modern day scares of gun violence.

On February 26th, 2018, the school went into a serious internal threat lockdown. Todd Stevens, Vice Principal, stated, “There was a bullet found in the weight room underneath the leg press machine which caused us to notify the police, and the school was put on lockdown until we could finish our investigation and make sure that everyone was safe to proceed with normal daily operations.”

Prior to hearing the details on why the lockdown occurred, students were afraid. Dylan Mittelstadt, freshman, expressed, “I was a little freaked out at first. I would have never thought that this would happen to me. I saw it in the news with other schools, but I never thought it would happen to ours.”

The police force and administrators worked together. Stevens expressed, “I thought that the police worked well with us as an administrative team. I think the students and staff were phenomenal in terms of their reactions to how we proceeded with everything. It once again made me feel that Lake Shore is a safe place to be in. We will have everybody’s back just like a family.”  

Likewise, Mittelstadt agrees on the safety of Lake Shore. He stated, “I think Lake Shore is a safe place because they took the precautions of searching the school and even if it’s just a bullet that was found they still did what they had to do if someone with a gun was in our school.”

Stevens along with other administrators are proceeding to make Lake Shore a safer place. Stevens  explained, “As always we are constantly reevaluating our protocols and what happened. We debriefed as an administrative team to go over what happened. To constantly improve we are meeting with the police chief to debrief with them to see if there is anything we could do differently, better, or what worked as well.”