Underrated Sports

Sports have always been a part of highschool life. Whether attending as a spectator, playing as an athlete, or just going for the socializing, sports like football or basketball attract a lot of people to the sport. What about the sports that don’t attract as many fans?

Lake Shore has a team for nearly every sport, team based or not. Sports teams are recognized in different ways; everyone knows when the October homecoming game is, but not everyone will know the next time the bowling team competes. Some sports, a number of them not so much team based, are less noticed by most people. Teams that work just as hard, or harder, than other teams don’t exactly get the respect they deserve. One way fans can get the sports report is through the paper.

The macomb daily features a local sports section, the MI Prep Zone. According to James Roehm, gym teacher, the MI Prep Zone does not take in scores from local teams, making it harder for local teams recognition. While reporting the score for the last basketball game is important, so is the last varsity bowling meet; but sometimes finding that information can be hard. Another way our sports teams get recognition is through our very own school newspaper.