Superbowl Ads

The Super Bowl is always one of the most viewed programs on television each year with this years leaving no exception, with a total of 103.4 million viewers. Each year a tradition of the Super Bowl is having enjoyable and comedic ads. Many are played, but five stand out from the rest.

One of these ads was for Amazon’s Echo product line poking fun at their personal assistant software “Alexa”, a program similar to Apple’s Siri, losing her voice. This ad showcases cameos from Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Anthony Hopkins. The ad is setup by having someone start off by asking Alexa using their Echo device a question only for Alexa to cough back and the turmoil to be begin once Amazon sends out its “Replacements”. These replacements being the actors listed above with each of them giving sarcastic and opposite actions to the purposed questions.

Tide created an ad that made an ongoing joke over the span of two commercial spots. Both of which featured Stranger Things David Harbour. The ads poked fun at the stereotypical ads that the Super Bowl is known for but ultimately always leading back to the fact that it was just a Tide ad. One of the ads even gesturing towards the the Old Spice ad that went viral in 2010.

Australia’s travel agency pump faked its viewers by teasing another Crocodile Dundee movie featuring Danny Mcbride and Chris Hemsworth. The ad would start and play out as if it was a movie trailer but as it would drag out Mcbride and Hemsworth would begin to point out the fact that it wasn’t a trailer at all but rather an ad to show off Australia’s beautiful country.

Bud Light would return to the middle ages continuing it’s “Dilly Dilly” ad. This time the kingdom warring over the last of the Bud Light only for the kingdoms savior the Bud Knight to part the battle into two and buy his own at a medieval convenience store then after asked saving the day.

Last but not least Mexico created an ad advertising their avocados. This ad presented a utopia being built with everything that you could ever want, most importantly avocados. But, they forgot one thing; the chips. The habitants begin to panic as they have no other way to eat the avocados, leaving the leader to show them other delicious ways to consume avocado settling them down until the wifi goes out and they begin to panic once again.